Important Message, #1

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Rahm Emanuel for Mayor

Dear Mr. Emanuel:

I would like to work on your campaign for Mayor of Chicago. I have experience in marketing, design, social media management, writing, and social activism. This is not a joke.

Erik Stonikas

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Zombie Party!

Zombie Party – watch more funny videos
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Introducing: Xtreme Shorts!

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Silly Babies

They just don’t know any better.

This post is inspired by this article at about dictator fashion.

Kim Jong-il

Fidel Castro

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Inspired by this article at

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What Declaring Independence Could Look Like, if We’re Lucky

How have I never seen this before? It’s Michel Gondry at the top of his game, and an intensely passionate, stand-out single “Declare Independence” from Björk’s Volta.

Consider she is Icelandic and, “On 26 January 2009, the coalition government collapsed due to the public dissent over the handling of the financial crisis. A new left-wing government was formed a week later and immediately set about removing Central Bank governor Davíð Oddsson and his aides from the bank through changes in law.

Björk says, “Declare Independence,” then left-wingers throw out the guy running the Bank? Sweet.

I think of this video as a historical, “how it might have looked.” Watch it on full screen with headphones.

Declare Independence.

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Read After Burning

The following is a step-by-step guide to sacred biblioclasm.

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